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As it celebrates its 16th year in the advertising industry, Team OnGround (TOG) introduces you to its new identity and array of services as it goes full speed for the next 5 years.

Anniversary Rebranding

Last January 7, 2019, Team OnGround, Inc. rebranded itself as TOG Integrated in order to best represent its augmented activations and digital services. This brand equity enhancement and corporate identity makeover arrive just in time with the creative agency’s 16th anniversary celebration on April 13, 2019. This repositioning represents a shift from being reactive to the fast-paced industry’s changing dynamics to being innovative in order to influence the evolving landscape.

16 Years of Service

Aligned with its core competencies and areas of expertise, TOG Integrated’s 360-degree services incorporate activations, events, sampling & promo, and digital solutions. Activations ranging from mall animations to outdoor executions are now integrated with sampling & promo initiatives and scalable event activities as well as digital solutions limited only by your imagination and willingness to challenge the unknown.

Tales from the Web

As clients, suppliers, or potential partner, you can find out more about TOG through its refined website. The company’s 16-year journey of innovation is narrated and expounded in its accessible webpages. Its culture of advocacy is reflected not only on its site but also especially in the faces of those whose lives have been touched by the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and creating-shared-value (CSV) programs. The agency’s people-centric mission and vision as well as its core values of humility, empathy, accountability, and teamplay are crafted in a way that mirrors its well-documented output of successful projects throughout the history of TOG.

Social Media Evolution

For TOG’s engaging stories about industry luminaries, marketing-communications trends, advertising buzzwords, target market triggers, human resource call-outs, and professional opportunities, check out the agency’s Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages @TOGintegrated. This is TOG’s integrated initiative in order to connect and relate with consumers from all markets and segments.

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