Activation & Sampling

Case Study:
Milo Champ Moves Q1 School Tour

Title: Milo Champ Moves Q1 School Tour
Category: Activation & Sampling
Date: February to March 2018
Client: Milo

Challenges and Objectives
Milo launched a new campaign last Q1 2018 which focused on the new and improved Milo. The campaign highlighted the new, and better-tasting MILO that will drive kids to drink more Milo and get more nutritious energy.

Milo aims to re-introduce sports, its skills and values that comes with it to public Elementary School students. It also targets to increase consumption of Milo.

A total of 107 public Elementary schools were visited in Greater Manila Area, Southwest Luzon and Southeast Luzon. More than 240,000 cups of new and improved Milo were dispensed.