TOG Family Day 2019

A day full of good food, fun activities, generous gifts and prizes, and access to the many amenities of Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park, Nagcarlan, Laguna, awaited 90 TOG and their loved ones when TOG celebrated Family GetTOGether 2019 last June 1.

The morning saw the arrival of over 200 guests to the resort, coming from all over the Metro and beyond. The early birds got to mingle and get sneak peeks at the food and bazaar, both of which were getting prepped for later that morning. The stragglers, on the other hand, found themselves in a blood-pumping Zumba session, led by Jona from Maxicare, almost as soon as they arrived.

But it was a prayer led by Jethro Pena and his family that officially started the event, quickly followed by a run through of the day’s activities by hosts Shalie Gutierrez and Jasper Barredo. Kaye Nuguid, head of the organizing activity, also took the mic to welcome everyone to the celebration.

Before guests were set loose to drop by the snack carts and try the resort amenities (with the Fish Spa proving an early hit), everybody was treated to A Blast From the Past, a special video produced by CCD’s JR Macahilas, who talked about how far TOG, and the TOG family, have come in the last 16 years. Every division was then invited to take a group shot, with employees and families alike flocking to the front for the photo opportunity.

The rest of the morning saw the resort guests enjoying the food and activities. A few of the older folks got pampered with manicures and pedicures, while many more lined up to try the tasty fare prepared. Both the young and young at heart indulged in some carefree fun, joining a variety of parlor games. One of the star attractions at the event was the bazaar; as all proceeds were for the company’s CSR efforts, guests had no problem picking up clothes, shoes, and other knick-knacks. Many visitors also dropped by the perennially popular photobooth, making use of the wacky props to capture one-of-a-kind photos and GIFs.

A break in the activities came at noon when lunch, catered by Gerry’s Grill, was served. But guests were soon back to enjoying the festivities, such as a magic show for the kids and another Zumba session for the parents and grandparents in the crowd. Guests were also free to try the resort’s offerings, which included a Rope Course, a Bungee Jump set up, Karaoke, Pingpong, a Fish Spa, and beach volleyball. A pool for TOG guests’ exclusive use was a favorite of the crowd that hot summer day as well.

Of course, the true highlight of the afternoon was the Bingo Exclusive open for all guests. Brix Capulong entertained the crowd with jokes and good-natured teasing in between calling out the numbers drawn by Angel Lunca. The excitement mounted as patterns and prizes became fewer and fewer, reaching its peak at the drawing of the final, winning number for the jackpot — one that ended up split five ways due to multiple winners.

The jubilant atmosphere was kept alive when a raffle followed the Bingo. Everyone in attendance was in the running for the awesome prizes, though some lucky families boasted more than one winner. Some of the Incorporators even generously added to the loot, leading to more guests taking home prizes.

Things started winding down after the raffle. Jane Sta. Ines was called on to give a heartfelt message thanking TOG and the employees and families who support it. A video capturing special moments throughout the morning and afternoon was played right after and everyone got to see just how successful the day proved to be.

As the cars, vans, and buses hit the road later that evening, it was full of passengers still in high spirits despite the long day. After all, new friends were made, existing bonds were strengthened, and every family got gifted a bag full of goodies. But the memories of a day well spent was certainly the most significant takeaway.

Cheers to a wonderful TOG Family Day. Til the next time!

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