Meet TOG

Team OnGround, INC.

is in the business of providing
Marketing Communication Solutions
to various clients ranging from
corporate entities, NGOs, media and agency partners
that are based in the
Philippines and parts of the Asian Region.

Our Story

In 2003, the founders of MD Essentials Integrated Marketing (MDE), Rod & Sheilla Vejerano, together with Dra. Elinor Roquel, responded to the challenge of their first project – to teach mothers the value of nutrition in areas where the incidence of malnutrition were high. The objective of the project was to arm them with information to fight malnutrition without relying on dole outs.

In 2006, On Ground Activation Co. was founded to cater to the clients’ other complex BTL requirements, which has become a critical part of the integrated marketing communication mix. A company that provides effective and efficient non-traditional solutions in new territories, especially to those in grassroots level; opening jobs and opportunities to more people along the way, was in high demand.

Everything would not have been realized without the TEAM effort of our greatest resources – the employees, partner suppliers and service providers.

Now, after more than fifteen years, TEAM ONGROUND goes even further by upgrading its service offerings under a new identity, TOG INTEGRATED. This is a sheer testament of the organization’s commitment to innovation, as a response to the ever-changing landscape of the marketing communications industry.

Fueled by our passion, we strive to reach more heights, yet remain grounded by sharing our victories and blessing with those in need.

We are ONE.

Vision & Mission

We have one mission that makes a difference;

Driven by our PASSION, we will create effective and innovative marketing communication solutions to help build the business of our client and partners.
Our vision is to be one of the leading Below-the-Line marketing agencies in the Philippines. Trusted by clients, and responsible to stakeholders and the organization, with always the HIGEST STANDARDS in everything we think, say and do.

Core Values
HUMILITY: Grounded and willing to share our success and blessings to others
EMPATHY: Committed to our organization’s principles
ACCOUNTABILITY: Passionate towards our objectives and commitment
TEAMPLAY: Collaborative, partnership is valued
Values Proposition
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Solid organization with in-house services
  • Total BTL Marketing Services
  • Project Management System & Quality Assurance
  • Business-building
  • Partnership & long term business relationship
  • Accredited Agency
  • Compliant to the Laws of the Land
  • Operational Optimization to drive Best Output
Our Commitment
We are a legitimate Marketing Communications agency, which aspire to be a responsible organization with genuine concern for our people. Our passion is to help build business of our partners and clients by being an advocate of their brands’ message and value.
Our Business Code
  1. Conduct business with integrity; abide by all laws and regulations of the Philippines
  2. Be accountable to the interest of the company’s shareholders, employees, clients, partner providers;
  3. Respect and abide by the business principles, objectives and corporate code of our clients;
  4. As a responsible corporate citizen, we operate on purpose of sharing positive VALUES;
  5. Safety, security & healthy working condition are paramount to our success;
  6. Work and collaborate to promote growth and development of the entire organization;
  7. Activate with utmost care and consideration for the environment, comply with all applicable regulations;
  8. Communicate openly, clearly and honestly;
  9. Reject all forms of graft and corrupt practices and illegal acts;
  10. 100% compliance to Company codes, systems and policies, rules and regulations.