ULCH KO 2019

This was a challenging yet victorious campaign for Unilab Consumer Health (ULCH). The brief for its 2019 kick-off was given mere days before the immovable date of judgment.

On other days, this would have been just a walk in the park for Team OnGround. But, during the holiday deluge of workload, it was a gauntlet run through fire for Team OnGround’s skeleton crew. And that was exactly the inspiration for Unilab Consumer Health’s kick-off theme: “ULCH Silakbo!” The flash of fire, the tempest of wind, the surge of water, and the spasm of the earth; all these elements reforged together all the arsenal and all the banners of ULCH’s divisions with one battle cry—a cry that could be answered visually or verbally with, “Taas Kamao, ULCH Tayo!”

This was a kick-off concept that involved digging deep to mine ULCH’s sources of strength, reigniting the spark of supremacy in each of its warrior-like members, hammering home the fellowship’s core values, sharpening its systems and skillsets, and brandishing its weaponized mindset to win not just the battle gains of the months but the ultimate crown prize of the year.

With a few key warriors, a fellowship can overcome armies of competition and waves of adversity. With passionate zeal, Team OnGround won the pitch fight after being the last team standing come judgment day.

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