Strengthening Bonds

Outings are a fun break — so it’s time for a good island getaway!  TOG recently basked under the heat of the summer sun in the beautiful resort of Sepok Island, where they enjoyed a challenging yet fun-filled team-building activity.

This activity helped strengthen existing bonds and forged new ones with newbies. There’s no other way to do this than getting out of the office and spending time away from the day-to-day grind and pressure of work.

It was a perfect time for the employees to temporarily forget deadlines, meetings, and business presentations as they enjoyed each other’s company in that secluded island.

After taking this well-deserved break, TOG is now ready to welcome the challenges that lie ahead…

Strengthening the bond that ties the Team together is one of the many things Team OnGround proudly shares; an energizing experience that readies the team for 2014: TOGether WE RISE. 

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