When charity begins at home

Hospicio de San Jose is home to 25 orphaned children. Located at the Ayala Bridge Manila, it is a common place where children are left for shelter,  with a hope to forge family with foster parents.  Almost everything in the Hospicio is from other people’s charity, including LOVE.

This year, Team Onground returned to the Hospicio de San Jose for the second time  with gifts of play, stories to share, toys to give , toiletries to use and food for all. We are all set for a party! In this month of love, TOG extended Love and TOGetherness to all the children at the orphanage.

There is nothing more rewarding than see children laugh and play. Playing  TOGether without boundaries of age , gender and color, the warm embraces and the kisses all over, swept all our stress and anxiety away.

We came because we thought we were givers by heart. We ended up receiving more than what we gave. This act of TOGetherness  made us realize how truly beautiful life is.

And seeing the joy in the eyes of children is the best fulfillment we had.

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