Team OnGround reaches out to Yolandi victims in Antique

Outreach is a call for you to help out. It is a compelling need to render your services in whatever way you can to those who need them.

This year, “Outreach” is most felt and appreciated by the entire Team OnGround Inc. It is because it’s the first time for us to activate our Corporate Shared Responsibility service in a barangay in the island of Panay: a fulfilling experience that is truly worth reminiscing.

During the first few days of November 2013, everyone was greeted with a devastating news about Typhoon Yolanda. The air and spirit of that Nov 11, 2013 morning was very draining as we continue to see news and video clips of the damage that the so-called “Super Typhoon” had caused. Amidst this depressing atmosphere, the feeling to help was very compelling. It was therefore decided by the team to forego the celebration of a “grand” Thanksgiving Party for Christmas. Preparations for the said party were diverted into efforts on to help our Yolanda-affected brothers and sisters in the Visayas.

The residents of Brgy. Lipata in Culasi, Antique continued to recuperate from the devastation. They were trying to rebuild broken houses and rehabilitate devastated lands. And just like anyone else who had faced the super typhoon head on, the people there were exhausted, hungry, and trembled.

But the Filipino spirit was never broken.

Babangon kami, with all humility, as we continue to seek help from international community. Babangon kami, with our resiliency, as we continue to move forward from this devastation. Babangon kami, with God’s mercy, as we continue to pray for everyone’s safety. There was a scarcity of almost everything, but never was there a time that we felt we had nothing. Gradually, as a nation, we touched the hearts of people across the globe, then, loads of help and support came.

Volunteers from the team went to Brgy. Lipata in Culasi, Antique to mount its first Corporate Social Responsibility service. The date, December 14-15, 2013.

We have never been to Culasi, Antique, but we went their as if “Balikbayans” coming home and gleefully welcomed by the residents. We brought with us a truck loaded with gifts, food, water, and blankets – enough for 500 families with an average of 5 members each. We ate together. We played like we were friends for a along time. We had fun in the scripted programs and skits. We understood each other even though we did not know how to speak their dialect. Indeed, understanding is achieved if you speak the language of love.

We celebrated the day of our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth in Culasi. The biggest Thanksgiving party Team OnGround ever had for 10 years. The happiest. The most touching. The most fulfilling and memorable. We were celebrating with a whole barangay. Indeed, it was a moment of celebration: a moment that will forever be etched on a page of our lives.

Celebrating Outreach is a celebration of life put together under our creator’s design. From our Team OnGround Family in Makati to the people of Brgy. Lipata Culasi in Antique, we will be back and we wish you ALL THE BEST!

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